Around the house…

For me, Saturdays are generally my catch up day from the week. Even though I stay at home, it’s easy to get behind on my chores with my workout routine. Today was no exception, and I decided to tackle the nightstand… You see when my husband and I first picked out our bedroom set and put the furniture in the room we had a discussion about who would be the one to get the nightstand.  You see, the way our room is set up, there’s only room for a nightstand on ONE side of the bed and well, our bedroom set only came with one nightstand… PERFECT… or NOT. I wanted the nightstand so that I could put a cute little lamp on it and have my books and things so that I could read while in bed.  My husband made the argument that he had the home defense in the nightstand drawer and that it fit better on the side of the bed that he usually slept on… Some how, HE ended up with the nightstand. No big deal, right?!… Well, it’s been a cluttered mess that I have to clean up ever since!! I would be too embarrassed to even show you how it usually looks because it’s just hideous.  Usually it’s piled with all sorts of ammo, pens (he empties his pockets on it daily), keys, change, miscellaneous wiring supplies from work, and all sorts of gun parts. And I can’t forget copies of his orders, some of which are a few years old!  The drawer has endless amounts of cables and ammo as well. The shelf underneath was stacked with books that he’s never read and empty boxes and envelopes from various items he has ordered for his guns and car. UGH… What a mess!!! But not now! Now, it’s only got a lamp, his little dropbox, a change collector, the cord to plug-in his phone, and his cologne. THANK GOODNESS!! I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot just from that little bit of tidying up! Now, time to do the rest of the days chores!
See you soon!

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