Such a busy day! Started out by helping a friend shampoo his house in return for him helping move things out of my spare bedroom and into the storage shed. I don’t know how we get so much stuff!!
I also decided to paint this bookshelf that was given to me


The blue just didn’t match anything in my house, and it had some chipped spots. I considered painting it to go into my sons room, but he’s already go the pinterest inspired gutter shelves… So it hit me while I was clearing off the nightstand that I needed a shelf for our bedroom!! I knew that I didn’t want to hand paint the shelf, so I went and looked at the spray paints. With it being a dark blue, I chose something with a primer too. I’ve done enough painting to know that priming is important! I decided on Krylon Ruddy Brown spray paint. Here’s the first coat…


I only bought one can of paint… And of course, it needs another coat… I grabbed another can on my way home from crossfit and I’ll finish it tomorrow during naptime 🙂
It matches some accent colors in our bed spread. I can’t wait to put it in the room! I’ll definitely be posting pictures!!
After a busy day, I’m now watching “The Lucky One” and working on a crochet project I’ll be sharing with you guys soon!
See ya later!


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