Just can’t sit still!

Ever had a time when you just couldn’t stop cleaning?! I know it sounds crazy, but just as soon as I tell myself that I’m going to sit down and relax, the next thing I know, I’m in the next room cleaning. If it weren’t for wanting to rewatch the first 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries before the new season comes out October 11th, I don’t know that I could even make myself sit still at all. Even while watching my shows, I find myself blogging, or crochetting my next project. It’s actually kind of annoying how much motivation I have! I know it’s partly because Brian will be home sooner than I realize and I want to make sure the house is spotless when he gets here. He’s not even going to recognize it! Since I painted the front porch, he honestly may have a hard time recognizing ;-). Tucker has his newly gained freedom since he’s been walking, so he has been doing a really good job entertaining himself while I get things cleaned. I’m really proud of how good he’s been while his mommy runs around cleaning up behind him! I’m sure he can sense my anxiety! Well, I’m restless…
See you soon!


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