Adorable Diaper Cover

If you missed the free diaper cover pattern that I posted yesterday, you can click here to see how you can make your own.  Once I downloaded the pattern, I knew that I just HAD to try and make one… and I knew the PERFECT hat that I wanted it to match!  Here is how my diaper cover turned out:

The pattern had GREAT instructions with pictures and was VERY easy to follow! I think my chain stitches could have been a little loser but I crochet tighter than most. I use Caron Simply Soft yarn for almost all of my projects, and this one was no exception. The purple is Plum Perfect 9761, and the red is Autumn Red 9730.

I had previously made a newborn hat and knew that a matching diaper cover would go PERFECTLY with it. I cannot find where I put the pattern for this GORGEOUS hat, but as soon as I find it, I will post it up here. I just love how well these go together!


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