Potty Training!!

A few weeks ago I randomly decided to buy a seat that fit on our regular toilet to see if my son would just sit on it and get acclimated. He was terrified the first time I stuck him on it, so I didn’t press the issue… he was only 16 months at the time. I hadn’t really thought much of it until the other morning out of the blue, I just decided to try sitting him on it again. To my surprise, he went potty! I was so excited and honestly, thought it was just a coincidence… until later that day, I put him on it again…. AND he went potty AGAIN!! I’m not just talking about a little tinkle, NO, I mean he sits there and pushes and says “poo poo” and goes poopy! The thought of getting a break from the poopy diapers has me giddy!  We are going on day 4 of going poopy on the potty! He did have an extra poop today but I think it was the brownie from the nursery at church this morning.  Now, I will say that I don’t really expect him to be fully potty trained for some time… but if I can get him to poop on the pot more than not, I will be happy.  I’m just so proud… it’s crazy to be so proud of someone for pooping on the pot, haha!!

Anyways, that’s what we’ve been up to around here!


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