Produce Coop

So excited about my savings today! I recently learned about a coop that delivers local. I had heard it was a really good deal for what you get, but I was just a little catious since it was the first time I had ordered. So, this time I only got their produce basket which is the best value for the money. Although, they have really good deals on everything they carry. For this basket, I spent $23.50  which included their delivery fee and fuel charge. At my local grocery store, I wrote down the prices for the same things I got today and it would have cost me TWICE as much. Wow, do I feel like I got a really good deal!!  It’s all volunteers who separate the produce, so I got up early and left the husband and baby in bed while I went and helped. I ended up knowing a few of the ladies and we had a good time. I’m looking forward to the next one in two weeks! I’ll definitely need my gloves next time since it’s outdoors 🙂  If you’re in MO or IL, here’s the link to the coop I use!  Community Helpings Coop


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