New Years Resolutions

For the longest time when I first started staying at home, I didn’t even want to think about the finances so I turned everything over to my husband. When he left for deployment, I was scared to have to take over them again… However, it really got me thinking about creating a budget.  We have tried creating budgets before but we really like to just buy what we want when we want it, so it’s been difficult.  My biggest new year’s resolution is to have more self control and start a budget.  I really want to know where our money is going and figure out how we can save more.  We are fortunate enough to not have debt, other than a mortgage and car payment.  My husband isn’t too excited about it, but I’m a woman on a mission, so watch out!

My next resolution is to blog more regularly. When I first started this, I couldn’t wait for my next post, but over time I’ve become a little lazier with it.  I’m going to schedule a time to post and make myself do it!  I really enjoy showing you all what I’ve been doing, but sometimes I just have writer’s block. Time to get over it!

My last resolution is to get our house better organized.  Overall, our house can look tidy, but open doors and drawers and you’ll uncover a disaster! I want to start going through everything and eliminating! We have so much stuff sitting around that we never use!

I’d love to hear what you are planning to change or improve upon in 2013!


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