Making a V Style Tula Hood

Cutting your pieces will be a little tricky for this to make the proper v look and to make the lines match up correctly. I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I will try to explain and maybe edit this to show the process a little better. First, my pattern piece looks something like this:

hood pattern

So basically, I cut my first piece at a slant on the wrap and then laid the cut half on top of the wrap, lined up the colors and cut the other side.

Repeat the process for the other side of the hood. You will now have 4 pieces or 2 sets to be sewn together.

Now, we will sew the 15 inch edges together. Make sure that if your fabric has a “right side” that you put them facing together. So, you will be sewing on the wrong side. The wrap I used, didn’t have a right or wrong side. Pin these to ensure that your lines meet up exactly and don’t shift during sewing. This is what you should have so far:

Repeat the process for the other two pieces.

Now you’ll need to iron the seams we just sewed to make them flat.

Along the top of the hood, fold down, towards the wrong side (same side the seam is now on) about a half inch or so. Iron down. Repeat for the other piece

Now lay your pieces right sides together

Now sew around both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.

Turn right side out! Make sure you really get into those corners! Here’s what we have:

You’ll notice the sides and bottom are not laying flat

Go ahead and iron it!

Much better!

Now, take your elastic and cut 2 pieces 20 inches each.

This will give you 10 inches when folded in half. Fold in half.

Now, insert the two ends of the elastic into one side of the hood about 1 ½ inches from the bottom.

Very carefully, move to your sewing machine and stitch over several times to make sure the elastic ends are good and secure. It’s easier if you sew towards the edge of the hood, that way if the elastic shifts under the presser foot, it’s held into place by the seam of the hood.

Now that the elastic is secured, you will be sewing the pocket for the elastic. Starting right next to the seam you just sewed to secure the elastic, Place the presser foot so that it is pushing the elastic over to the seam. In the picture below, you can see I’m using my pointer to keep the elastic away from the needle.

As you sew, you will need to keep the elastic from getting caught in the thread as well as, pull it gently so that it doesn’t get stuck down in the pocket.

Don’t pull too hard, just enough to bunch the fabric behind the needle. You want the fabric to be flat where you are stitching to.

Make sure to grab the loop before you sew to the edge!

Now, sew about an inch long strip in between the loop of the elastic

Repeat for the other side! This is what you will have:

Now stitch the top closed!

And now admire your work!

Add preferred snaps and enjoy!!


13 thoughts on “Making a V Style Tula Hood

  1. Jess ODore

    Thank you for sharing your pattern! I will be using this! I wonder, do you also have a pattern for a hoodie-style hood?

    1. Jessica Post author

      I do have a tutorial and am working on getting the pattern for it uploaded. If you look under the “sewing” tab, there should be a hoodie hood tutorial.

    2. Jessica Post author

      I am working on the pattern to upload for printing. I do have a tutorial and good pictures if you wanted to create a pattern yourself. If you look under my sewing tab you should see it out there 🙂

    1. Jessica Post author

      They are from ykk. You have to buy in bulk and have a business license for them. They also require special pliers to attach. Otherwise, you can use anorak 12 mm from amazon. Only requires a hammer to attach. Sometimes anorak aren’t as tight fitting.

  2. Katie Houle

    Thank you for posting this! Do you have a tutorial (or some tips) for a two sided hood that does not have the V? I am a beginner and get the idea that it’s similar to this one, just having a hard time understanding the size to cut since there isn’t a ‘V’. Thank you!!

    1. Jessica Post author

      If you’ll fold your fabric and put the straight side on the fold of the fabric (maybe minus a half inch for the seam allowance from the v seam) that should work out!

  3. vanessa

    Hi! where do you buy matching fabric for a tula? I just bought the oasis but have no clue where to buy the fabric to make the accessories. Thanks for your help!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Usually they use Michael Miller fabric and it can be found on I’m not sure if the oasis fabric is out there or not, that’s just what I’ve known to be true in the past.

  4. Nadeya

    Hi there! Thanks for the great tutorial! I have lots of questions, I hope that’s ok!

    1. I have all the measurements of the fabric cut perfectly and sewn together, but I’m wondering why my fabric is still so long and wide at the top, so I took a regular hood and stretched it out to see how much material was left on the top and sides. There is 1 1/2 inches left on each side at the top, and 5/8 of an inch as it goes towards the bottom on each side. The length seems to be ok, if the next question is a proper guess on my part:-)

    2. I noticed when cutting the 20 inches of cord and then folding it over, If I stop short 1 1/2 inches from the bottom, the cord is 3 inches too short from reaching the top of the hood. Will this problem take care of itself once I start bunching the fabric as I create the pocket for the elastic?

    3. Since I am so confused on the amount of fabric left after cutting and sewing the pieces together, would you suggest a specific width for the inseam, and then a suggested width for creating the pocket for the elastic cord?

    4. Also, do we not fold the bottom of the hood up like the flat hoods that come with Tulas? Once we create an inseam and turn the fabric right side out, we just put the snaps on where they match up at the bottom, or do we fold up to make it match a standard hood?

    I’m so sorry for all the questions. I hope it’s ok to ask! I’ve been seam ripping (very, very delicately; as it’s on a very, very loved and worn wrap…) for days now, bc I keep making mistakes on every one of my accessories! Lots of them are my silly errors when I’m sleep deprived, but sometimes I finish sewing something. and it’s super off, and I think it’s bc I don’t have as many measurements to work with. And it’s not just your tutorials, there are others I have bought, and some don’t have a single measurement at all! Just a pattern to print out! You have nearly every measurement I need, just hoping for an inseam width and a cord casing width.

    You’re awesome, and I love all of your tutorials!!!

    1. Jessica Post author

      1. This hood is made to be bigger than an original, it was just my preference for it to be that way.
      2. Yes, this hood is made to be very bunched. If you would prefer a less bunched appearance, you can use longer elastic.
      3. It’s been such a long time since I created this pattern, and I honestly don’t have one in my possession at this time, so I’m unsure of the inseam amount. The pocket for the elastic is probably around an inch wide or less. I always just pushed my presser foot of my sewing machine against the elastic to create the pocket and tried to make it look symmetrical. I’m not one to use specific measurements all of the time.
      4. I’m unsure of what you mean… There should be no raw edges showing though.
      I apologize I’m not more help… These accessories were just a fun hobby for me and I made tutorials to help other momma’s who wanted to try and make them for themselves as well!


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