Potted Garden Trial

It’s been really nice weather the last few days which has me and my kiddos outside A LOT. We love the outdoors!
Growing up, we always had a garden. So, it’s only natural that I would want one of my own. I’ve tried the traditional in ground garden and just CANNOT keep up with the weeds! So after trying and failing for a few years,  I’ve decided to give a potted garden a try.
Problem is, once I get my mind set on something,  I like it done right NOW.  So, I loaded the boys up and headed to Lowe’s! Apparently everyone had the same idea… it was busy busy busy today. Anyways, I ended up grabbing a bunch of seeds to start inside. I also got a bunch of pots and soil for when its time to transfer in a few weeks!
Here’s some pictures of what we accomplished today!





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