Beginnings of a Hoodie Hood Tutorial

I’ve been working to get the hoodie hood pattern down before taking a bazillion pictures of each trail run. I made just a basic liner out of the final draft that I will post a picture of so you can get an idea and possibly replicate on your own. I don’t have a scanner at home or I would scan it in for printing. Adriane was kind enough to share with me her draft which was a big help!


Hopefully you can read the numbers on the mat and draw up your own from there in the time being.
Be looking for a full tutorial soon!


2 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Hoodie Hood Tutorial

  1. tristan

    What size snaps do you use to snap it onto the Tula? I’m looking to make a hood and I can’t find the size to order. Thanks!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Some are able to use anorak 12 mm. Otherwise you’ll need a special tool and a business license to purchase from a ykk distributor


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