It’s been awhile…

So I know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything… but as a military wife, I get super busy when my husband is away! Chasing 2 little ones all by myself isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t change it!
My sewing machine recently started acting up too, and as much as I love to diy, I cannot for the life of me fix the issue myself this time 😦 excuse for a new one? Haha!
I’ve been focusing more on my kiddos than my craftiness lately and it’s been a welcomed change of pace. I’m guilty of getting too wrapped up in my crafts!
With the sewing machine on the outs,  I’ve put it up and have been feeling the need to get out some yarn and hooks! Crocheting is calling my name! If you crochet too, you have GOT to join ! Talk about a great resource! TONS of free patterns, and even ones you can purchase 🙂 check it out!
Hopefully you’ll see me posting some items I’ve crocheted soon 🙂
Until next time!
♡ Jessica

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