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Our Adventures in Homeschooling…

So I’ve spent months and months digging, planning, and searching out a great curriculum to get started with for homeschooling my 4 year old and my 2 year old has happily joined in on the fun too. I spent so much time trying to decide what to use and purchase, I was driving myself crazy! I finally reached out to a friend who has been homeschooling her kids for awhile now and decided to just try my own thing at first… well, that didn’t go so well… I was disorganized and just couldn’t mentally prepare for some reason. So, I decided to use the “Letter of the Week” program from I purchased her kit and started printing off all of the lessons and my kids are LOVING them! We got started a few weeks before we PCS’d so school kind of went on the back burner for awhile but we’ve reviewed the 3 weeks we did prior to moving and we’re gearing up to start a full week next week!

I’m a hopeful organizer, so I have these ideas in my head but I rarely spend the money to carry them out, even though they would make my life SO MUCH easier! Anyways, I wanted to link this AWESOME and FREE desk name printable with the alphabet AND numbers 1-10! We’re working hard on capital and lowercase letter recognition and sounds. My 4 year old hasn’t always been interested in letters or numbers so I never pushed, but now he’s ALL about it with this program! You have got to check out Erica’s stuff!! Here’s the link to her post about the name tags!

Enjoy and I’ll be sure to post my latest crochet items soon ūüôā

‚̧ Jessica


Sea Salt Caramels

When my church announced that the theme for our bake sale fundraiser for the local food shelters was “Candyland”, I knew I had to make caramels! After searching around for a recipe I stumbled upon this one and knew right away I HAD to add the sea salt!!
I followed the recipe but also the advice of others and only heated it to 245-250 degrees.
I did have a failed first attempt because I didn’t get my butter melted in my cream soon enough and by the time I did, I had scalded the sugar :(. Good thing this recipe is pretty cheap to make!!
I can think of only one thing that could make these better… Dipping them in some chocolate!! I was tempted but remember I said these were for my church’s bake sale so I knew if I added chocolate, I’d eat them all!
Sea salt chocolate covered caramels are definitely on the to do list though!


Homemade Honey Butter


So this picture doesn’t do the taste of this butter justice! I got this crazy idea to start making my own butter after looking at the ingredients on some of the butter in the store. I found this blog with super easy instructions on how to make butter without having to sit and shake a jar forever! I don’t have a fancy mixer so I just used the blender and it worked out very well! Make sure you only fill the bowl or blender about half full because once you start mixing it grows very quickly! I only used 16 oz of heavy whipping cream and got about 7 oz of butter. (I’m still debating what to do with the buttermilk). Once I had my butter all rinsed, I added 1/7 cup of local honey and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. I promise, it won’t last long!!

Pear, celery, and kale juice


Don’t be scared by how green this juice is! It was delicious and even my 19 month old drank a whole sippy cup full of it! Talk about feeling like a supermom, when you’re kids eat RAW vegetables will definitely do it for you. So what all is in this juice?

Supermom Green Juice:
3 Bartlett Pears
4 stalks of kale
2 stalks of celery

Juice and enjoy! This made around 20 oz of juice and not much pulp.

I have found that pushing the leafy kale through with the pears helps me to get the most juice out of the kale.

A few of my favorite sweet recipes…

If you’re like me, you always buy a big bundle of bananas but never end up eating them all before that “too green” stage and the “too brown” stage… So, when they get brown and mushy, I make banana bread! Maybe I just really like banana bread so I let my banana’s get mushy on purpose… SHH!¬† Either way, this is my go-to recipe for banana bread.¬†I add a little bit of cinnamon and make sure that I don’t over stir the ingredients. I’ve heard over working the dough can make the bread really flat. This bread doesn’t last until the next day once the husband comes home. He prefers some walnuts in his bread, but I don’t care for nuts too much so I don’t put them in.

If you like the Golden Grahams¬†cereal¬†bars that you can buy in the cereal aisle, you’ll LOVE these! Homemade, they are much softer and gooier! The recipe can be found here. The only thing I like to do differently is instead of adding the extra 2 cups of mini marshmallows, I’ll add the little dehydrated marshmallows like the ones that come in hot chocolate packets. These are sold by the hot chocolate in a little shaker bottle now! They don’t melt in the warm butter-marshmallow mixture!

Hope you try these recipes and like them as much as I do!

What I’m working on…

I fell in LOVE with owls when I was pregnant with my son and the passion hasn’t subsided! I just love these mittens I found!! And you’ll NEVER believe it, but the pattern is FREE!! As soon as I saw these, I downloaded the pattern, grabbed my yarn and hook and started crocheting! The picture above isn’t my finished product; I’ll post them when I’m done!

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can join Ravelry¬†for free and download the pattern for yourself to try here! And please share if you make these as well!!

Deployment Homecoming Shirt


I can’t remember where I saw the wording for this shirt but its so fitting for my son when he’s on the loose. The shirt is just a plain t shirt from Walmart. I typed up the phrase and printed it out and made sure I liked the size on the shirt. The font used for DADDY is called patriot. I found it on a site for free, I’ll try to find it and link to it some time. Once I made sure I liked the size of it, I trimmed the edges of the paper so it would fit under and then traced with puff paint. I love how it turned out and it was a hit at the airport! And here’s the back