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So a friend of mine had TWINS and I saw pictures of the cutest woodland themed nursery she was doing for them. She’s also into essential oils so when coming up with a gift, I knew I wanted to incorporate those into some aspect of the gift. I’ve been super heavy into the crochet spirit (it seems like I always am this time of year!) so it was a no brainer to find some things I thought she might love!


First, I found this AMAZING fox pillow that’s made by graphghan or intarsia crochet! DON’T let the fancy name or the intimidating look of it scare you! I PROMISE this is like so easy once you get the hang of it! I got the pattern HERE from It was very well written and I would most definitely buy from this designer again! You can also check out her blog, it’s adorable and she’s got some amazing free patterns out there and an intarsia crochet tutorial!

Fox cushion

That is her picture, for some reason I didn’t get a finished picture of just the pillow myself!

Next, I happened across these amazing and FREE boxy woodland animal crochet patterns! She has 2 older kiddos and I didn’t want to leave them out! Here they are all nice and cozy sitting together 🙂 And you can see my fox pillow in the background!


You can find the patterns for each by clicking on the names!

Crochet Bear

Crochet Fox

Crochet Owl

I used I Love This Yarn! by Hobby Lobby and I have to say that I’m VERY impressed with the quality of their yarn for the price! I used to love Caron Simply Soft, but I found it too limp on a lot of projects and it was getting the fuzzy look way too early. To make them diffusers, I added a small pouch of rice to the bottoms and then filled the rest of the way with stuffing.

I got the eyes from here

And last but not least I made a baby book! This was by far the most time consuming of all the items I made for her! I didn’t get a really good picture of it and I wasn’t all that happy with the way I did the lettering; I should have just done it the way she recommends. Overall, I was very pleased with the pattern. I just wish there was a way to make the lettering look better!


You can find the pattern here

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Crochet Addiction!

So I seem to go through phases of different crafts. I’ll get obsessed with crochet for a month and start several projects and only finish a few (whoops!). And then I’ll get into a sewing kick and do the same. Well, right now it’s crochet that I’m completely enthralled with. Over the next few weeks I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of crochet projects I’ve started (and hopefully finished!)

The first one here is a baby blanket for my nephew who is due in November! I’m going to be an aunt for the first time, eeek! I added the letters which were free. They are the moogly alphabet on ravelry. The bumble bee was an addition too and can be found here


The pattern for this is here: You can check out this lady’s etsy site and her website is amazing too! She’s got some super cute stuff! I bought the fox pillow pattern too so be on the lookout for my finished product soon 🙂

Hot Pink and Zebra Scarf


I made this scarf as a gift for Christmas for my husbands step-mother. She wears a lot of black and white hence the “zebra” idea. And who doesn’t love some hot pink with their zebra print?! This was super easy and whipped up in about 4 evenings. I just left the ends long and added the fringe so there was never even any ends to weave in! I couldn’t actually find a pattern for exactly what I wanted, so I improvised off of a ripple afghan pattern. This was difficult to give away because I really liked it!

Owl Fingerless Gloves


So here is one of my finished gloves! I haven’t found the right buttons, but I would like to add some for the eyes. I think the buttons just make it easier to tell its an owl right away. Without them, my eyes kind of search for a minute to really see what it is I’m looking at. I’ll take some better pictures of them both once I find the buttons I like and post it in my Crochet patterns! Until then, you can look at my previous post to see how to make your own!

What I’m working on…

I fell in LOVE with owls when I was pregnant with my son and the passion hasn’t subsided! I just love these mittens I found!! And you’ll NEVER believe it, but the pattern is FREE!! As soon as I saw these, I downloaded the pattern, grabbed my yarn and hook and started crocheting! The picture above isn’t my finished product; I’ll post them when I’m done!

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can join Ravelry for free and download the pattern for yourself to try here! And please share if you make these as well!!

Peacock Inspired Crochet Slippers

I absolutely LOVE my new slippers that I just worked up!  A few months ago, while browsing on pinterest, I saw some really cute and simple looking slippers made by Zoom Yummy. Well, it was getting ready to be summer and I’m a barefoot kinda gal, so I didn’t have much motivation at the time. While still on a birthday cake suger high (yesterday was my bday), I stayed up until almost 1am working on these… I only finished the first one before I started falling asleep. Since it’s been a dreary morning, I’ve been able to finish the other one and the peacock detail 🙂 I gotta say, I love them and I almost don’t want to wear them for fear they will get worn out!

When I have a litte more time, I’ll add my changes to Zoom Yummy’s pattern to get the size I needed and also I’ll add my peacock detail pattern!


So I promised to add my changes to the pattern, here it goes: I only increased until round 3, round 4 is when I just put one dc in each stitch.  Round 11, I did 18 dc and turned. I only did 9 rounds of the 18dc, turn, and then I stitched the end up.  Around the top in the blue, I just put two dc in each around the sides, and back, but on the front, I put one dc in each. I also topped it off with a single crochet all the way around. These fit perfect when I first made them, but they have stretched out a bit now. I would probably take a round or so out of the 9 rounds of 18 dc for the next pair I make. Hope this helps!!