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Young Living oils!

Not a whole lot of crafting going on right now BUT I’ve been introduced to something life changing! Young Living essential oils!
Headaches, backaches, sore throats, temper tantrums, anxiety, sleeplessness, stuffy noses, coughs, all relieved with JUST healing essential oils! I’m not sure what took me so long to finally take the plunge and get my kit!


Look at all the wonderful oils you can get! Even my 3.5 year old asks for them when he doesn’t feel well.
If you’re interested, I’d love to help you begin your own wellness journey with essential oils!

Or email me at

Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s been awhile…

So I know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything… but as a military wife, I get super busy when my husband is away! Chasing 2 little ones all by myself isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t change it!
My sewing machine recently started acting up too, and as much as I love to diy, I cannot for the life of me fix the issue myself this time 😦 excuse for a new one? Haha!
I’ve been focusing more on my kiddos than my craftiness lately and it’s been a welcomed change of pace. I’m guilty of getting too wrapped up in my crafts!
With the sewing machine on the outs,  I’ve put it up and have been feeling the need to get out some yarn and hooks! Crocheting is calling my name! If you crochet too, you have GOT to join ! Talk about a great resource! TONS of free patterns, and even ones you can purchase 🙂 check it out!
Hopefully you’ll see me posting some items I’ve crocheted soon 🙂
Until next time!
♡ Jessica

Beginnings of a Hoodie Hood Tutorial

I’ve been working to get the hoodie hood pattern down before taking a bazillion pictures of each trail run. I made just a basic liner out of the final draft that I will post a picture of so you can get an idea and possibly replicate on your own. I don’t have a scanner at home or I would scan it in for printing. Adriane was kind enough to share with me her draft which was a big help!


Hopefully you can read the numbers on the mat and draw up your own from there in the time being.
Be looking for a full tutorial soon!

Potted Garden Trial

It’s been really nice weather the last few days which has me and my kiddos outside A LOT. We love the outdoors!
Growing up, we always had a garden. So, it’s only natural that I would want one of my own. I’ve tried the traditional in ground garden and just CANNOT keep up with the weeds! So after trying and failing for a few years,  I’ve decided to give a potted garden a try.
Problem is, once I get my mind set on something,  I like it done right NOW.  So, I loaded the boys up and headed to Lowe’s! Apparently everyone had the same idea… it was busy busy busy today. Anyways, I ended up grabbing a bunch of seeds to start inside. I also got a bunch of pots and soil for when its time to transfer in a few weeks!
Here’s some pictures of what we accomplished today!




Single Layer Tula Hood

This is similar to the original wrap hoods that come with the full Tula’s. It’s perfect for warmer weather, or if you just don’t have much fabric to work with.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a one sided fabric, because once the hood is in use, the backside of the fabric will be showing. So, let’s begin! Here’s an idea of my measurements for my pattern:Single Layer Hood  Fold your fabric in half and line up the design.  This picture is comparing the size to the normal size hood pattern that I use for the double layer.It looks really long, but you need that for the bottom part where the snaps go! Here’s what we’ve got when we open it up:  Get your iron ready! It’s a must for this! Ok, so the top piece, we want to iron down about 1/2 an inchNow fold again, and iron about an inch.Let’s topstitch this down!These little piecesThey gotta go! Chop them off!Moving to the bottom, fold and iron down about 1/2 an inch.Now, let’s work on the pockets for the elastics. Iron about 1/2 an inch down the sideAnd now the other sideNow fold and iron about an inchAnd the other side…Fold the bottom up 1 1/2 to 2 inches, and iron.You can see that the seams are getting thick and elastic still needs to fit under there. So, lets open this up and take out some of the bulkiness!  Where my thumbs are marked, I’m going to cut out, like this:**I know it doesn’t show it in the picture, but I should have just cut all the way down** Note that I left some fabric to catch in the seams, we don’t want any frays!Repeat for the other side.Fold up and sew around the three edges of the piece you are folding up. In the picture below, it’s the red that I’m sewing around. The sides and bottom.  This is when I chopped out the extra pieces that I could have just cut to begin with.   The above picture is what yours would automatically look like if you had already cut it in the steps above. Now, let’s cut 2 pieces of elastic at 20 inches each.If you want toggles, you should add them now. The picture below shows  where I’m going to place the elastic inside the bottom we created. Make sure you leave enough of the ends to catch in the seams!I have found that my machine does some weird looping on the bobbin side when I stitch over the elastics. To prevent this, set your tension higher.Sew elastics in place.Here’s what we’ve got so farDon’t forget to set your tension back  And now let’s sew the bottom space in between the elastics that we just tacked in place.Getting so close! Now, let’s stitch the sides up.Use the presser foot to keep the elastic out of the way. You don’t want to stitch over it!

Once you get about halfway through stitching the side, gently pull on the toggle end so that only the fabric behind the presser foot is gathered.

Hold toggle down so that you don’t lose the elastic in the casing we are creating for it.

Finish stitching. Remember to go back and forth when starting and ending a stitch. This will secure it so the seams don’t come undone!

Even though I used toggles, I still like to stitch in between the two pieces of elastic to just ensure it doesn’t get pulled down inside. I stitch back and forth a few times only about an inch or so long.

Repeat elastic casing for the other side!

And now you’re done! Admire your work and add your snaps!