Baby Shoes


How cute are these?! I made these when my son was just a few months old and I wish I could still make his shoes for him. I’m sure crochet shoes wouldn’t stand up to the beating he puts on his shoes now.

I found the pattern from The Lovely Crow. Her patterns are absolutely ADORABLE and worth every penny! I originally purchased a package of 4 patterns, but I’ve only made 2 of the 4… Honestly, they take some time to work up and once I get the first one finished I hate starting all over to make another one. Next time, I need to try making them side by side and see if that helps.  Her pattern called for some buttons, but I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t like the ones at my local Wal-Mart, so I just never added them.

Here’s another picture, with my son modeling them!

Oh how sweet… I miss his little feet being this small!! I might just have to whip up a larger size and make him some for around the house this winter! If I do, I’ll post some pictures 😉

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