Cupcake Hat

This hat was inspired by an invitation I got to the birthday party that this hat is for.  This special little girl will be turning 4 in just a few short days! 

I’ve seen some other pictures of cupcake hats online, but nothing was really EXACTLY what I wanted… I got some idea of how I wanted to make it from this pattern here: crocheted_cupcake hat. I really wish I could find the website it was from and post that here, but she does have links to her blog at the bottom of the pattern.

Personally, I didn’t want the fringe at the top, or all of the beads everywhere; 1) I didn’t have the beads on-hand and 2) she has a little sister and I didn’t want the parents to have to worry about any loose beads being swallowed.  The pink you see here is Lion Brand Yarn, the homespun, 426 Tulips.  The beige is Caron Simply Soft, Bone 9073.

I’ll be really honest and say that although, I did look at the pattern, I didn’t really follow it. It wasn’t the size that I needed so I really just looked at it to see what types of stitches were used for the “icing” and then for the “cake” part. Once I knew the stitches, I just added or decreased stitches as needed to get the size I wanted. 

A good website for sizes of heads is here. There are some knitting patterns on that site too.

Well, if you make a cupcake hat, please share with me!!

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