Making a V Style Tula Hood

Cutting your pieces will be a little tricky for this to make the proper v look and to make the lines match up correctly. I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I will try to explain and maybe edit this to show the process a little better. First, my pattern piece looks something like this:

hood pattern

So basically, I cut my first piece at a slant on the wrap and then laid the cut half on top of the wrap, lined up the colors and cut the other side.

Repeat the process for the other side of the hood. You will now have 4 pieces or 2 sets to be sewn together.

Now, we will sew the 15 inch edges together. Make sure that if your fabric has a “right side” that you put them facing together. So, you will be sewing on the wrong side. The wrap I used, didn’t have a right or wrong side. Pin these to ensure that your lines meet up exactly and don’t shift during sewing. This is what you should have so far:

Repeat the process for the other two pieces.

Now you’ll need to iron the seams we just sewed to make them flat.

Along the top of the hood, fold down, towards the wrong side (same side the seam is now on) about a half inch or so. Iron down. Repeat for the other piece

Now lay your pieces right sides together

Now sew around both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.

Turn right side out! Make sure you really get into those corners! Here’s what we have:

You’ll notice the sides and bottom are not laying flat

Go ahead and iron it!

Much better!

Now, take your elastic and cut 2 pieces 20 inches each.

This will give you 10 inches when folded in half. Fold in half.

Now, insert the two ends of the elastic into one side of the hood about 1 ½ inches from the bottom.

Very carefully, move to your sewing machine and stitch over several times to make sure the elastic ends are good and secure. It’s easier if you sew towards the edge of the hood, that way if the elastic shifts under the presser foot, it’s held into place by the seam of the hood.

Now that the elastic is secured, you will be sewing the pocket for the elastic. Starting right next to the seam you just sewed to secure the elastic, Place the presser foot so that it is pushing the elastic over to the seam. In the picture below, you can see I’m using my pointer to keep the elastic away from the needle.

As you sew, you will need to keep the elastic from getting caught in the thread as well as, pull it gently so that it doesn’t get stuck down in the pocket.

Don’t pull too hard, just enough to bunch the fabric behind the needle. You want the fabric to be flat where you are stitching to.

Make sure to grab the loop before you sew to the edge!

Now, sew about an inch long strip in between the loop of the elastic

Repeat for the other side! This is what you will have:

Now stitch the top closed!

And now admire your work!

Add preferred snaps and enjoy!!

You may make these items for personal use. If you make to sell using my patterns, I only ask that you disclose and link the free pattern. Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Making a V Style Tula Hood

  1. Laurenne

    Thank you for the tutorial! I plan on making a new hood for my tula soon. Is there any way you could point me in the direction of which snaps fit the tula? I don’t have access to a craft store ( we’re AF and stationed in Germay) so I’m trying to order supplies on Amazon. Thanks

    1. Jessica Post author

      You can order through a ykk distributor or use and existing hood for the base. Ykk will point you to the correct size you’d need. Unfortunately you have to have a tax id to order through them though. Otherwise, there is a customized tula group on Facebook and sometimes the vendors sell packages of snaps to others. You’ll need some tools to attach them too.

      1. Hunter

        Is there a standard size snap that works for the snaps? My wife just got a Tula for Christmas and I am in charge of accessories. I have already made 2 sets of suck pads. These patterns are great!

      2. Jessica Post author

        Some work with the anorak 12mm which can be found on amazon. Tula has used a few sizes so it really just depends. I’ve never had an issue but some women claim they are too lose. There’s also spring snaps you can purchase from ykk with a business license. Join customized tulas on Facebook and there’s some great info.

  2. Clare

    thanks for the great patterns, where do i find the elastic used, marine stores, fabric store, walmart…? and what is it called. In regard to the snaps can i pick them up in a fabric store? if so what am i looking for? thank you


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