Making a V Style Tula Hood

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9 thoughts on “Making a V Style Tula Hood

  1. Laurenne

    Thank you for the tutorial! I plan on making a new hood for my tula soon. Is there any way you could point me in the direction of which snaps fit the tula? I don’t have access to a craft store ( we’re AF and stationed in Germay) so I’m trying to order supplies on Amazon. Thanks

    1. Jessica Post author

      You can order through a ykk distributor or use and existing hood for the base. Ykk will point you to the correct size you’d need. Unfortunately you have to have a tax id to order through them though. Otherwise, there is a customized tula group on Facebook and sometimes the vendors sell packages of snaps to others. You’ll need some tools to attach them too.

      1. Hunter

        Is there a standard size snap that works for the snaps? My wife just got a Tula for Christmas and I am in charge of accessories. I have already made 2 sets of suck pads. These patterns are great!

      2. Jessica Post author

        Some work with the anorak 12mm which can be found on amazon. Tula has used a few sizes so it really just depends. I’ve never had an issue but some women claim they are too lose. There’s also spring snaps you can purchase from ykk with a business license. Join customized tulas on Facebook and there’s some great info.

  2. Clare

    thanks for the great patterns, where do i find the elastic used, marine stores, fabric store, walmart…? and what is it called. In regard to the snaps can i pick them up in a fabric store? if so what am i looking for? thank you


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