Tula Underarm Pads

These are very similar to the drool pad pattern that I use. These are a must for me because the little buckles rub the underside of my arms when I wear for very long. I have to have my shoulder straps tight, so the buckles end up right on my ribs almost where the bottom of my bra sits. If this happens to you, these underarm pads will be a lifesaver!

Materials needed:

  • Outer fabric, two pieces 5X9 inches
  • Inner fabric, two pieces 5×9 inches
  • Sewing machine
  • Velcro

First, we need to cut four pieces 5 x 9 inches, two for the outer and two for the inner.

outer (double rainbow twill creme weft)

inner (light blue microfleece)

Now lay your pieces together, right sides facing each other if your fabrics are double sided. Since I used a reversible wrap and fleece, it didn’t make a difference.

Now, I really SHOULD have pinned, but I was in a hurry this morning to finish before kiddos woke up. So, do as I say and not as I do. Put just a few pins here and there so your fabrics don’t move! Sew around, leaving a small opening so that you can turn your work. (I like to leave the opening on one of the sides and NOT a corner. Just makes life easier!)

You can see I started sewing about 3/4 of the way on one of the sides

And finished about 1/4 of the way down once I went around all other sides.

(Sorry for the yucky finger, it’s still blue from dying my tula!)

Trim your corners so that the points are gone. Making sure not to cut any of your stitches. This will help the corners lay flat and look better.

Turn your work, really working the corners out. I like to use an ink pen or something that’s not sharp that will poke through my fabric.

Fold the opening down and iron. If you use fleece on one side, make sure you do NOT put the iron in direct contact with it!

Top stitch close enough to the edge to catch the raw fabric edges from where you left the opening.

For these, I prefer to use velcro. You’ll need two hook pieces and two loop pieces. I cut mine to 3.5 inches.

hook (rough) on top and loop (soft) on the bottom

Pin into place. I like to put the hook on the wrap side (if there’s only one) because otherwise, there’s a chance it will rub the wrap when it’s attached and cause fuzziness on the beautiful wrap. Loop goes on the fleece or inner fabric.

Now sew around all sides of the elastic. With the hook side, my machine prefers if I set the tension a little higher. And occasionally, the string breaks and I have to stop and fix it.

Here’s how you secure it:

Again, ignore the blue hands and nails!

Attach to your tula and feel the relief!


You may make these items for personal use. If you make to sell using my patterns, I only ask that you disclose and link the free pattern. Thank you!

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