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Shopping, Birthday Party, and More Crochet

Shopping- In preparation for my husband coming home, I made a big list to fix and freeze some of his favorite meals for while he’s home on leave. I planned my trip to the commissary on the same day that the birthday party was. We live over an hour away from the nearest base and the birthday girl lives just a few miles from the base. The doorgreeter at the commissary was passing out a new rewards/digital coupon program. It already had coupons loaded on there too!! So, with the big list in hand and lots of snacks for Tucker, we set out in the store… Ugh, Tucker didn’t want any of the snacks I had… Instead, he wanted anything and everything I was pulling off of the shelves. This made for a very very long shopping trip. By the time I was checking out, he saw a candy bar and was screaming crying at the top of his lungs for it!! I was so frustrated but the cashier and the bagger were very understanding and didn’t make me feel like the stressed out mess that I was… Needless to say, I forgot to even try and use the new rewards card. Oh well, I’ll register and try it next time!

Birthday Party- So the escipade at the commissary caused us to be about 40 minutes late to the party… AND I forgot the bag to put the gift in… UGH!! Today was not my day. Remember the cupcake hat I made? Well, she loved the hat… I think! Everyone at the party sure loved it and I was happy to see that it fit her very well! I’m thinking I need to make the cupcake hat in a newborn size 🙂
More Crochet- So the pattern that I created for the sock monkey goes perfect with that Princess Diaper Cover! I made one that coordinates with the sock monkey and I will be sharing a picture of that soon! It’s just darling!
Well, today was just about more than this mommy can handle! Cannot wait to sleep it off!