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So a friend of mine had TWINS and I saw pictures of the cutest woodland themed nursery she was doing for them. She’s also into essential oils so when coming up with a gift, I knew I wanted to incorporate those into some aspect of the gift. I’ve been super heavy into the crochet spirit (it seems like I always am this time of year!) so it was a no brainer to find some things I thought she might love!


First, I found this AMAZING fox pillow that’s made by graphghan or intarsia crochet! DON’T let the fancy name or the intimidating look of it scare you! I PROMISE this is like so easy once you get the hang of it! I got the pattern HERE from Etsy.com It was very well written and I would most definitely buy from this designer again! You can also check out her blog, it’s adorable and she’s got some amazing free patterns out there and an intarsia crochet tutorial!

Fox cushion

That is her picture, for some reason I didn’t get a finished picture of just the pillow myself!

Next, I happened across these amazing and FREE boxy woodland animal crochet patterns! She has 2 older kiddos and I didn’t want to leave them out! Here they are all nice and cozy sitting together 🙂 And you can see my fox pillow in the background!


You can find the patterns for each by clicking on the names!

Crochet Bear

Crochet Fox

Crochet Owl

I used I Love This Yarn! by Hobby Lobby and I have to say that I’m VERY impressed with the quality of their yarn for the price! I used to love Caron Simply Soft, but I found it too limp on a lot of projects and it was getting the fuzzy look way too early. To make them diffusers, I added a small pouch of rice to the bottoms and then filled the rest of the way with stuffing.

I got the eyes from here

And last but not least I made a baby book! This was by far the most time consuming of all the items I made for her! I didn’t get a really good picture of it and I wasn’t all that happy with the way I did the lettering; I should have just done it the way she recommends. Overall, I was very pleased with the pattern. I just wish there was a way to make the lettering look better!


You can find the pattern here

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Crochet fox hat

Look at this adorable hat I made for my youngest! Omg, I’m in love! Just took a basic beanie pattern and added the facial features. Nothing too difficult! The trickiest part was the triangles for the ears and nose and I’m not as happy with the nose as I’d hoped. It’s still a keeper!