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Crochet Addiction!

So I seem to go through phases of different crafts. I’ll get obsessed with crochet for a month and start several projects and only finish a few (whoops!). And then I’ll get into a sewing kick and do the same. Well, right now it’s crochet that I’m completely enthralled with. Over the next few weeks I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of crochet projects I’ve started (and hopefully finished!)

The first one here is a baby blanket for my nephew who is due in November! I’m going to be an aunt for the first time, eeek! I added the letters which were free. They are the moogly alphabet on ravelry. The bumble bee was an addition too and can be found here http://craftycori.com/2014/06/buzzy-bee-baby-blanket-with-matching-hat/


The pattern for this is here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/181367191/intarsia-deer-crochet-pattern-bambi-baby You can check out this lady’s etsy site and her website is amazing too! She’s got some super cute stuff! I bought the fox pillow pattern too so be on the lookout for my finished product soon πŸ™‚

Crochet fox hat

Look at this adorable hat I made for my youngest! Omg, I’m in love! Just took a basic beanie pattern and added the facial features. Nothing too difficult! The trickiest part was the triangles for the ears and nose and I’m not as happy with the nose as I’d hoped. It’s still a keeper!


It’s been awhile…

So I know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything… but as a military wife, I get super busy when my husband is away! Chasing 2 little ones all by myself isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t change it!
My sewing machine recently started acting up too, and as much as I love to diy, I cannot for the life of me fix the issue myself this time 😦 excuse for a new one? Haha!
I’ve been focusing more on my kiddos than my craftiness lately and it’s been a welcomed change of pace. I’m guilty of getting too wrapped up in my crafts!
With the sewing machine on the outs,  I’ve put it up and have been feeling the need to get out some yarn and hooks! Crocheting is calling my name! If you crochet too, you have GOT to join http://www.ravelry.com ! Talk about a great resource! TONS of free patterns, and even ones you can purchase πŸ™‚ check it out!
Hopefully you’ll see me posting some items I’ve crocheted soon πŸ™‚
Until next time!
β™‘ Jessica

What I’m working on…

I fell in LOVE with owls when I was pregnant with my son and the passion hasn’t subsided! I just love these mittens I found!! And you’ll NEVER believe it, but the pattern is FREE!! As soon as I saw these, I downloaded the pattern, grabbed my yarn and hook and started crocheting! The picture above isn’t my finished product; I’ll post them when I’m done!

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can join RavelryΒ for free and download the pattern for yourself to try here! And please share if you make these as well!!

Shopping, Birthday Party, and More Crochet

Shopping- In preparation for my husband coming home, I made a big list to fix and freeze some of his favorite meals for while he’s home on leave. I planned my trip to the commissary on the same day that the birthday party was. We live over an hour away from the nearest base and the birthday girl lives just a few miles from the base. The doorgreeter at the commissary was passing out a new rewards/digital coupon program. It already had coupons loaded on there too!! So, with the big list in hand and lots of snacks for Tucker, we set out in the store… Ugh, Tucker didn’t want any of the snacks I had… Instead, he wanted anything and everything I was pulling off of the shelves. This made for a very very long shopping trip. By the time I was checking out, he saw a candy bar and was screaming crying at the top of his lungs for it!! I was so frustrated but the cashier and the bagger were very understanding and didn’t make me feel like the stressed out mess that I was… Needless to say, I forgot to even try and use the new rewards card. Oh well, I’ll register and try it next time!

Birthday Party- So the escipade at the commissary caused us to be about 40 minutes late to the party… AND I forgot the bag to put the gift in… UGH!! Today was not my day. Remember the cupcake hat I made? Well, she loved the hat… I think! Everyone at the party sure loved it and I was happy to see that it fit her very well! I’m thinking I need to make the cupcake hat in a newborn size πŸ™‚
More Crochet- So the pattern that I created for the sock monkey goes perfect with that Princess Diaper Cover! I made one that coordinates with the sock monkey and I will be sharing a picture of that soon! It’s just darling!
Well, today was just about more than this mommy can handle! Cannot wait to sleep it off!

Just can’t sit still!

Ever had a time when you just couldn’t stop cleaning?! I know it sounds crazy, but just as soon as I tell myself that I’m going to sit down and relax, the next thing I know, I’m in the next room cleaning. If it weren’t for wanting to rewatch the first 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries before the new season comes out October 11th, I don’t know that I could even make myself sit still at all. Even while watching my shows, I find myself blogging, or crochetting my next project. It’s actually kind of annoying how much motivation I have! I know it’s partly because Brian will be home sooner than I realize and I want to make sure the house is spotless when he gets here. He’s not even going to recognize it! Since I painted the front porch, he honestly may have a hard time recognizing ;-). Tucker has his newly gained freedom since he’s been walking, so he has been doing a really good job entertaining himself while I get things cleaned. I’m really proud of how good he’s been while his mommy runs around cleaning up behind him! I’m sure he can sense my anxiety! Well, I’m restless…
See you soon!