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Itsy Bitsy Spider Free printable craft

Hey there! It’s been a slow rainy day here, blah! But, we’re making the best of it and it doesn’t get much better than FREE fun and crafts! Here’s what we’ve been up to…


Cutting is a little frustrating for my 4.5 year old, so of course, I know that I need to make it fun for him! He’s always loved the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and movements and we acquired this book from a grandparent along the way. It’s super cute but totally not necessary for this craft! My son also isn’t much into coloring so we skipped that part! Here’s the link to the free printable for this spider! It’s on education.com and I have no affiliation with them, just love their stuff! I actually did end up signing up with them because my son was needing more work in addition to our Letter of the Week preschool curriculum, BUT you can totally just print a few pages a week for free just by getting a free account! Super simple and so worth it!
Have a great day!

Halloween and Pumpkin Themed Homeschool Week


It’s the week before Halloween and we’re getting all prepped for our 2nd full week of preschool here! Primarily, we are doing the Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler and we absolutely LOVE it! I LOVE being able to print my own lessons and she’s got the week all planned out and detailed for you! It’s totally FAB! I JUST got her book Homeschooling 101 in the mail today and can’t wait to dig in a little more and get our mission statement and our WHY written down to refer back to!

Even though this is only our second full week, we had previously worked on some letters and had 3 weeks done just randomly, so we’re actually on our 5th letter. Typically, this would be Uu, however, since it’s Halloween, I’ve decided to put Uu off until next week and do Pp this week! I’ve got LOTS of pumpkin stuff in order!

So… Here’s a sneak peek into what we will be up to this week!


Books are

  • The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider by Kate Toms
  • Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever! by Don Freeman
  • Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson
  • The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin by Sonali Fry
  • Where’s My Mummy by Carolyn Crimi

With each book, there will be a craft to follow on my instagram account I’m sure, so be sure to follow me there!!


I just got this Writing Without Tears book after looking into what other homeschoolers are using and loving. My 4.5 year old doesn’t LOVE writing, so I’m hoping this can help us both 🙂


I got these wonderful pages from http://www.education.com and after printing several free pages, I decided to get their plus account and even got 10% off! It’s really a great site and you’ll see us doing lots of supplemental pages from them.


These cute pages are also from education.com and are for cutting and pasting practice. Tucker loves to craft and cut and I thought the spider page would be cute to do after reading our spider book. The octopus is for recall because last week we did the letter Oo! The cutting pages are behind these and just lines for the kids to follow!


Again, just a few more pages to help with those fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. These are all from education.com. I’m not sure that I will have him cut out all of the pieces to Frankenstein as I have a feeling he’d get upset because they are pretty difficult for his age, but he will have fun dressing him up and gluing them!


This big coloring book is HUGE, like difficult to store because it’s so large and awkward but it’s super cute and we love coloring in it! It’s got some great dot-to-dot and number coloring pages in it that I’ll use to fill some time with the boys this week.


This packet is one from http://www.education.com as well and what kid doesn’t love to talk about themselves?! It’s like 20 something pages long, and I’ll be doing most of the writing in it but I’m excited to get him to start dictating things for me to write. I also look forward to looking back on these in the years to come!

And LASTLY, a few crafty things I’m thinking about doing this week…

  • We already made the banner in the first picture today because Tucker was so excited!
  • Carving a pumpkin
  • Painting the pumpkin seeds and using in art projects
  • Pumpkin stamping with potatoes
  • Mummies made from toilet paper

Hope you enjoyed seeing our goals for the week! Remember to follow me on instagram to see all of our crafty stuff!!

❤ Jessica

Our Adventures in Homeschooling…

So I’ve spent months and months digging, planning, and searching out a great curriculum to get started with for homeschooling my 4 year old and my 2 year old has happily joined in on the fun too. I spent so much time trying to decide what to use and purchase, I was driving myself crazy! I finally reached out to a friend who has been homeschooling her kids for awhile now and decided to just try my own thing at first… well, that didn’t go so well… I was disorganized and just couldn’t mentally prepare for some reason. So, I decided to use the “Letter of the Week” program from http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com. I purchased her kit and started printing off all of the lessons and my kids are LOVING them! We got started a few weeks before we PCS’d so school kind of went on the back burner for awhile but we’ve reviewed the 3 weeks we did prior to moving and we’re gearing up to start a full week next week!

I’m a hopeful organizer, so I have these ideas in my head but I rarely spend the money to carry them out, even though they would make my life SO MUCH easier! Anyways, I wanted to link this AWESOME and FREE desk name printable with the alphabet AND numbers 1-10! We’re working hard on capital and lowercase letter recognition and sounds. My 4 year old hasn’t always been interested in letters or numbers so I never pushed, but now he’s ALL about it with this program! You have got to check out Erica’s stuff!! Here’s the link to her post about the name tags!

Enjoy and I’ll be sure to post my latest crochet items soon 🙂

❤ Jessica