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Peacock Inspired Crochet Slippers

I absolutely LOVE my new slippers that I just worked up!  A few months ago, while browsing on pinterest, I saw some really cute and simple looking slippers made by Zoom Yummy. Well, it was getting ready to be summer and I’m a barefoot kinda gal, so I didn’t have much motivation at the time. While still on a birthday cake suger high (yesterday was my bday), I stayed up until almost 1am working on these… I only finished the first one before I started falling asleep. Since it’s been a dreary morning, I’ve been able to finish the other one and the peacock detail 🙂 I gotta say, I love them and I almost don’t want to wear them for fear they will get worn out!

When I have a litte more time, I’ll add my changes to Zoom Yummy’s pattern to get the size I needed and also I’ll add my peacock detail pattern!


So I promised to add my changes to the pattern, here it goes: I only increased until round 3, round 4 is when I just put one dc in each stitch.  Round 11, I did 18 dc and turned. I only did 9 rounds of the 18dc, turn, and then I stitched the end up.  Around the top in the blue, I just put two dc in each around the sides, and back, but on the front, I put one dc in each. I also topped it off with a single crochet all the way around. These fit perfect when I first made them, but they have stretched out a bit now. I would probably take a round or so out of the 9 rounds of 18 dc for the next pair I make. Hope this helps!!